What is micro blading, and how much to tip micro blading?

Micro blading is a cosmetic process that uses semi-permanent makeup. A portable disposal device made of tiny needles and shaped like a blade is used for this. Most people are unsure of how much to tip microblading

Why and who can do micro blading?

Micro blading is done for individuals who have patchy, thin, uneven eyebrows and are looking for a natural look for beautiful eyebrows. Certain physical factors, such as skin condition and health, must be taken into account before micro blading can be performed on someone’s brows. This is suitable for people with normal skin and small pores. Oily skin and larger pores can make the skin appear stretched and blurry.

Two or three scheduled micro blading appointments are required to achieve complete eye beauty. Applying strokes evenly throughout the pigments is necessary for this artistic technique. To maintain the appearance and give the pigment time to integrate into the skin, a complimentary touchup is required every 6 to 8 weeks.


It can be done by using the tip for micro blading and using this, you don’t need to find a micro blading artist to redesign your eyebrows. Some have doubts about how much to tip microblading. The cost of a tip for micro blading is less than the amount you spend for the service. This costs between 10% and 20% of the makeup service.

Having the tip at home eliminates the need to feel rushed when your brows require a touch-up. You don’t have to go to a micro blading service and pay more money for them to make your face look beautiful. Taking the tip and doing your brow touch-up at your leisure will save you money. You can buy the water-proof tip for micro blading and enjoy the cosmetic procedure by doing it yourself.