Organize your AWS Spend

“With a fast growing business we don’t have time to constantly tag web services. OneKloud makes tagging obsolete. It simply works the way we do so adding resources is easy.”
-VP of Engineering, SaaS CRM Company

Based around projects


At OneKloud we understand that your company is organized in terms of  projects and teams, so that’s how we set everything up: as projects, run by teams. Associated with human, technical and financial resources, projects reflect your internal organization, the way they are classified and arranged is unique to each company: from technical (stage, pre-prod), internal, external to client, customer or product based. Projects are the central nodes of your business, each with a dedicated team, leaders, direct reports, resources and past spends and budget. That’s why we made them central to our structure.

Based around your existing organization

OneKloud respects your company’s existing organization and automatically handles your cloud-infrastructure resources and budget in the same way you already think and work.  Today’s non-existent or cumbersome cloud- infrastructure resource delegation systems mean an intern can have the same rights as the VP of engineering, OneKloud eliminates this chaotic environment, by staggering access according to your company’s hierarchy, thus ensuring the right resources are in the right hands. Every organization has a unique reporting and approval org-chart, OneKloud is ready to optimize and adapt to yours.

Sustainable and scalable


OneKloud makes your cloud “turn-over” proof and offers sustainable and scalable sorting and categorization.

Forget about manually aggregating numbers and being unable to have complete and accurate views at each level of organization. Forget about complex resource -and often obsolete- tagging policies.

We are project-centric, we allocate resources to projects, rather having to tag all resources. Simple really. Each project has a unique personalized key, per user, so it’s easy to see who is doing what, when and with how much -tracking a project is automatic.

We leverage projects, so AWS resources can be traced and controlled in terms of your organization.

       OneKloud organizes your cloud spend by project: client, internal or external tasks, customer, activity, etc. and delegates it to teams -just like you do. OneKloud uses your existing organization as the basis for our top-down Cloud spend control solution, to get your cloud infrastructure sorted once and for all. Your resources are categorized in a way that is sustainable, scalable and makes your cloud “turn-over” proof, because the organisation is set up around teams and roles, not individuals. And so there is no need for obsolete tagging systems, too often inaccurate or incomplete.

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