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Optimize Cloud Spend

Monitor your cloud consumption in real-time and accurately predict your future AWS spend, to control cloud-infrastructure usage with a workflow platform that allocates quota to teams and projects. Let OneKloud uncover and prevent wasted cloud infrastructure spend and under-utilised resources, to ensure AWS spending matches your allocated budget.

Predict & Prevent to Optimize AWS Spend


OneKloud combines unique predictive technology with detailed historical data to allow companies to forecast their cloud-infrastructure budget with certainty. This forecast budget is divided up between projects, with respect to your organization: clients, customers, internal and external tasks, etc, and allocated to teams. Meaning you can say goodbye to unpredictable, unforecastable AWS spending. The cloud infrastructure budget is determined in advance and set according to the predicted necessary spend for your current projects, meaning this money and resource is used better, not more. This puts a stop to irresponsible overspending, excessive non-priority projects,  and costly mistakes. OneKloud anticipates all risk of overspend, and gives the control back to those driving the budgets as well as the projects.

Prevent & Uncover Wasted Spend

OneKloud provides native, upfront, individual control of each cloud resource with admin credentials obfuscation, so you and your management team can control who is doing what and with how much. Floating keys are made obsolete and deactivated clients or projects simply cannot have cost allocated to them, making wasted and forgotten active cloud services a thing of the past.

OneKloud sends out alerts and can block unforecast spend in real time, while enabling a granularity of keys that renders forgotten - or stolen - keys invalid. The potential for keys to be misused is eliminated and the resulting drain of wasted money cut short.

Studies show 15% to 50% of cloud infrastructure resources are misused. OneKloud costs between 1% to 2% of total cloud budget… If you are tired of receiving a large non-itemized bill for AWS at the end of each month, put yourself back in the driver’s seat with OneKloud


“With OneKloud we uncovered that $2.2 million, the equivalent of 30% of our yearly cloud spend, was being wasted on servers running for no-longer existent clients. Thanks to the sunburst diagram alerts we were automatically alerted to this situation and were able to instantly remedy it. Machines running for nothing, costing us big bucks, an expensive problem fixed within seconds”

-VP of Engineering, US Open-Source, Consumer Goods Corp

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