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Create Accountability

“With OneKloud we see small team at the bottom of the org chart trying to solve a cost issue before conveying bad news to their boss, i.e. “please increase my quota.”
Then their boss solves her cost issue between the different project she handles before conveying bad news to her boss, etc. Everyone is more motivated, accountable… and happy”
-CEO, European test company, Health Sector

Allocate resources to the right person

With OneKloud, the right resources are made available to the right person for the right project and at the right time. This is ensured by a built-in access credentials system, feed with the quota as determined by predicted spend, meaning the  risk of cloud infrastructure misuse and overspend is, quite simply, made impossible -except if explicitly authorized by the right manager. The automated workflow and approval process eliminates time-consuming sign-off processes.

Visibility, on your terms

With OneKloud, cloud spending can be visualised by project, by client, time-frame or whichever criterium you need, so you can easily compare the internal costs across workflows and priorities. Making it easy to see who ordered what, for which project, and who approved it. This makes everyone accountable.

Easy, seamless change

Your entire org-chart, designated project owners, even clients-related costs can be moved around with a simple drag and drop, whenever you want. The corresponding overall organization will adjust and harmonize accordingly: such as cascading budgets, past and projected spends that will be recalculated and reallocated, accurately and in real-time. This is because OneKloud doesn't rely on a cumbersome cloud provider tagging mechanism, but is organized around ecosystems and projects.

Automatically associate resources with projects and their owners & teams to provide full visibility on who is spending how much and on what, and thus full accountability. OneKloud allows you to group and visualize AWS spending by team, project, client to reflect your existing budget breakdown, so you can have both a global picture and snapshots of spend according to the point of interest, for example by clients’ industry, team leader, time-period, or basically anything you can think of. And because OneKloud doesn't rely on a cumbersome cloud provider tagging mechanism, you can change your org-chart and project owners at any time. All cascading budgets, past and projected spends will be recalculated, accurately and in real-time!

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