About us

Our story starts with Xavier Garcia, a European computer whiz-kid who many years ago took a programming gig in San Francisco. And then another and then another… Again and again, Xavier was left dumbfounded by the overlooked and prevalent misuse and mismanagement of AWS that was costing companies massive amounts of money, while no one seemed to notice. When Xavier mentioned this to fellow Frenchman Eric, they designed easy-to-implement solutions for companies to be able to cut this expense in half, reclaim the control of this spending, and actually help teams to work smarter.

What we do

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We are convinced that better financial management, transparency and simplicity mean better business at all levels.

While flat organization has been a buzzword in recent years, Eric  and Xavier each have first-hand experience in the two main pitfalls of this ideal:  overspending and misuse of resources, due to a lack of both, supervision and visibility.

OneKloud is their transformational solution: helping companies regain control of their cloud-infrastructure budget.


Eric Didier

Founder and CEO

Originally from the Champagne capital of the world, Reims in France, serial entrepreneur Eric Didier is a very international, San Francisco local. With OneKloud, Eric is helping companies to cut AWS spending by up to 50%, reclaim the control of their IT budget, and actually help teams to work smarter. While disrupting the cloud infrastructure procurement industry along the way Eric has worked building fast growing companies with clients and teams in North and South America, Europe, China and India. He champions borderless innovation and knows how spot a hot project.


Xavier Garcia

Founder and CTO

OneKloud CTO and co-founder, Xavier Garcia has dedicated his career to designing and implementing complex, scalable applications and infrastructures and leveraging open source software. Driven by what he calls “genuine creativity”, Xavier has over 10 years of experience in building and running web & mobile centric 24x7 high availability systems and networks. Xavier resides in San Francisco with his family, and draws on his French and Spanish background to spearhead design and development of high technology products, across multi-continents and multi-cultural environments and teams.

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