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OneKloud shines a light on cloud spending and accountability

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Create Accountability

Automatically associate resources with projects,  owners and teams to get full visibility on who is spending how much, on what, making everyone accountable. OneKloud allows you to group and visualize spending by team, project and client to reflect your existing budget breakdown, so you can have both a global picture and snapshots of spend, according to the point of interest. For example by clients’ industry, team leader, time-period, or basically anything you can think of.  And because OneKloud doesn't rely on a cumbersome cloud provider tagging mechanism, you can change your org-chart and project owners at any time. All cascading budgets, past and projected spends will be recalculated, accurately and in real-time!

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Organize Cloud Spend

OneKloud organizes your cloud spend by project: client, internal or external tasks, customer, activity-in fact any way you want,. and delegates it to teams -just like you do. OneKloud uses your existing organization as the basis for top-down cloud spend control get your AWS spend sorted once and for all. Your resources are categorized in a way that is sustainable, scalable and makes your cloud change-proof,(or immune to change)because the organization is set up around teams and roles, not individuals. here is no need for obsolete tagging systems, time consuming and too often inaccurate or incomplete.

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Optimize Cloud Spend

Monitor your cloud consumption as it happens and accurately predict your future cloud spend. Control cloud-infrastructure usage with a workflow platform that allocates quota to teams and projects. Let OneKloud uncover and prevent wasted cloud infrastructure spend and under-utilised resources to ensure cloud-infrastructure spending matches your allocated budget.

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OneKloud features
Predictive Cloud-Budget Forecast Technology
Automatic Project-Based Cloud Budget
Identity & Access Management System
Comprehensive Cloud-Spend Visibility
Allocation & Authorization Workflow
Overspend Alerts and Block-Function

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