Cloud-Infrastructure Budget Workflow & Enforcement Platform

OneKloud gets cloud infrastructure spending under total control by automatically enforcing budget quotas that are forecast then assigned -per project and team, while managing workflow approval.  A platform that eliminates cloud infrastructure misuse and drives day-to-day decision making to reflect high-level strategy, OneKloud reduces average cloud spending by 15% to 50%, and generates company-wide accountability.  The 48,000 US companies that spend over $10 billion on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud now have the solution to easily manage their Cloud Infrastructure costs and block all unnecessary spending before it occurs. OneKloud’s initial launch is specifically designed for companies with more than 25 developers and minimum spending on AWS of $1M per year.

Prevent Cloud-Infrastructure Overspend

Allocate cloud infrastructure resources to each projects in order of importance, and track in real time in your OneKloud dashboard to ensure your cloud infrastructure budget forecast stays 100% accurate.

Accountable teams - Responsible Spending

Provide company-wide visibility on cloud infrastructure spending and use enforced quotas to guide smarter live decisions at all levels of your workflow. Empower your people to work smarter by making them accountable for their spending.

Smarter Workflows

Harness top-down resource allocation to enforce bottom-up accountability with OneKloud’s intuitive workflow approval system. A company-wide platform that provides clear visibility on the internal cloud-infrastructure budget in terms of organisation, priorities and projects.

Hacker-Proof Security

Eliminate the expense & headache of stolen and misplaced keys! OneKloud sends out alerts and blocks unforecast spend in real time, while enabling an instant rotation of keys that renders the stolen keys invalid: The potential for misappropriated keys  is wiped out and so is the resulting drain of wasted money.